Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few questions....

O.k...I need a little help here. Any input would be VERY appreciated.

Keep in mind that I am a techno-idiot. When my grandfather was in his 80s he decided he wanted to get a computer and get on-line. My mom got him one and was helping him to figure it out. During the middle of his tutorial about the Internet, he turned to her and asked "Who is on the other end of this?" He thought that there was another person on the other end....gotta love him. I am not much better than that. :)

Anyhow...here is my first question....
When I set-up my blog, I picked one of the standard blogger templates. It is very boring and not at all me. I visit other people's blogs and am amazed at how cute and personal the background, font, etc is. How do I do this??? I honestly have no idea where to even begin.

Also....my blog is a lot of running...but also my quilting, sewing, baking, family, kids, etc. Is anyone turned off by my lack of focus? Do you runners click right off when I show pictures of sewing projects? Do you non-runners click right off when I talk about my running? Anyone at all interested in my baking? I am trying to figure out what to do with this blog...should I continue on or choose one focus??

I would love to hear from y'all!!!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I love reading your blog no matter what you write about. It helps keep me updated on what is going on in your part of the country :-)
I miss you!

SchoolKidRunna23 said...

As a runner, I only go and look at blogs that are about running. So I probably haft to say that I am turned when your talking about anything other than running. What you could do is have two blogs, one about running and one about your other stuff.

Heather said...

I'm no help with the technology stuff, because I'm plain jane boring too.

I love your quilting project pictures and kid stories, as much as the running stuff! You've even inspired me to get my quilting stuff out again and TRY to make a project for my mother-in-law for Christmas. :)

Ruthie said...

ok.. as far as focus.. its doesnt matter to me... use it for YOUR interests and for what you would like to do with it.

as far as blog backgrounds.. I will try and give i a shot to explain

first.. you can go to "customize" at the top left of your screen.
this will take you to a page on the tool bar it will say "pick new template" .. click on that to find other options.
then you can go in under "fonts and colors" on the same "customize layout" page and change colors and fonts.

on this same page.. Some of the templates will allow you to add an image ... but this time you will click on the top little rectangle that has your title in it .. on the left hand side it says "edit".. that will bring up a box to add a photo..

now.. you can play around with all this and remember that if you dont like it you can change it.. back to your original design.

another option that some like is an "outside" source for blog templates... you can go to
and find templates for blogger.. it has instructions on how to add the code to your blog :)

(hope i didnt confuse you:)

happy running! (and sewing and baking :) and... :)

lifestudent said...

I think a blog is a way to express yourself, and you are more things than a runner. Personally, a blog that is all about running is boring to me. I wonder, who is this person? Do they do anything besides running? But...it looks like people like SchoolKidRunna23 would disagree ;) So I think everyone is out there looking for something different.

As for backgrounds, real tech savvy people build the codes for those templates. BUT, google "free blogger templates" and you will see a lot of people want to give them to you free ;) You just get the code and then paste it into blogger ... and bam! A whole new blog.

Winnston said...

I have to say that I like your blog the way it is. I come here to keep up with your running posts, but I read all of the other stuff as well. As a parent with older children, I enjoy the photos of your little ones and all of the vacation stuff.

As for the home decorating shots and quilting... I am not really interested, but it is you, so you should put it up there. Other people like that.

You're not just a runner, you are all of these other things and I think it is interesting.

WendyBird said...

I enjoy all your posts :-) Then again, I have kids, sew, occasionally turn on oven, etc. LOL.

Tanya said...

I like that your blog is about different things. I cant help with how to change up how your blog looks, but don't change the content!

Amber said...

Sarah - It's your blog so it should be about whatever you're in the mood to post about. That's what I think anyway, and that's pretty much how I manage my blog. I know that there's talk about how your blog needs to have purpose and focus, but geez can't I just post about whatever random thing is on my mind? Unless you want to be a big, huge, well-known blog, like some out there, I don't really think you should stress about a focus. I focus on my life. So that entails a lot of different things. And I post about all those different things. You know what I mean?

Oh, and the blog background. There are lots of sites that offer free ones. Go to my blog and look at the upper left-hand corner. Click on that link and it will take you to such a site. This site is super easy to use and gives instructions on how to upload the background to your blog. I didn't know anything about blogs when I first started, and I didn't have any problems figuring this website out.

Anonymous said...