Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running with MissyMiss 7-year-old daughter, MissyMiss, has decided that she wants to be a runner. She wants to train for and run a 5K with me this more kid runs for her.

I took her out the other day and we ran 1.6 miles with 2 short walking breaks...she did great!!! The picture below is of a picture she drew of the 2 of us running. The other one is just before our run.

Anyone have any experience with kids training for a 5K?? Any advice for me???

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweaty Bands!

Lately, I have loved the look of a headband with a pony tail. My hair tends to get crazy when I workout, so I like the idea of something to hold back all the crazies. I tried thin, stretchy ones from Target and did not like them...too tight and didn't stay in. I bought a cute package of Under Armour ones, but they also didn't stay in.

The other day I saw these on someone else's blog and figured I would order one and give it a try....I LOVE it!! It looks super cute and stays in! I bought a camo one and then placed a second order with a polka dot one for me and a soccer one for MissyMiss.

They are called Sweaty Bands and are available here.

My back has been bugging me a bit and causing me to cut runs short and miss runs, so I am going to go see a physical therapist next week and hope that it helps. My mattress is also old, so I just picked out a new one. :)

It is gorgeous here today, but I am home with a sick boy. Hopefully I can squeeze in a run once hubby gets home from work!

Friday, May 14, 2010

More HM Pics and Thoughts

Since the race I have thought of a few more things to share:
1. The best spectator sign I saw read "Run Like You Stole Something"...I LOVED it! I actually laughed out loud.
2. In high school I ran cross country. I knew one of my old teammates would also be running the half and I saw her around mile 9. It was fun to chat for a bit and great to see her!
3. My quads were KILLING me for several days after the race. I finally remembered that miles 8-13 are a gradual downhill. I forgot how killer the downhills can be!
4. I am still a little sensitive about the fact that I don't have a "runner's body". I am working on getting over it. I was so amazed at the starting line to see a TON of others girls without a "runner's body" did a lot for my nerves.
5. When I went through a water stop, I always tried to throw my cup off to the side. However, it seems everyone in front of me were content to just drop it right in the middle of the road, leaving us back-of-the-packers to wade through a sea of cups. Is it just me, or is that rude??
6. At mile 11 I almost fell..hard. My foot got stuck in a rut in the road and I ended up lurching forward. I must have had a guardian angel that day, because I somehow recovered without landing flat on my face. A guy watching on the sides gasped when it happened. After I recovered I looked up and said "Wow...that could have been ugly!"
7. And finally...being that it was my first half I actually purchased the race pictures. I plan on framing one...still trying to decide where to put dork, I now. I am the one in the blue hat. Here they are:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Long Island Half Marathon

Well, it has taken me almost a week, but here it race report!

I grew up on Long Island, but now live 4 hours away. Originally my mom and daughter were going to come along with me, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up going by myself. The race was on Sunday, but I drove down on Saturday so I could pick up my number and race packet at the Expo. The Expo was small, but I did manage to get 2 shirts from the Run Like a Girl for me and one for MissyMiss.

Saturday night was the first time I ever slept in a hotel room alone....very strange! It was a bit lonely, but also a little nice to settle down and watch a movie in the quiet without having to explain to the front desk why I can't keep my 3-year-old away from the phone. :)

I went to bed around 11, but had a hard time sleeping! I had 2 alarms and a wake-up call set, but was still worried about oversleeping and ended up waking up every hour!

I was up for good at 6 and checked e-mail, watched some tv and had my traditional long run breakfast: bread with peanut butter, mini Kitkat and Capri sun.

My hotel was right across the street from the starting line, which ROCKED! I left my room with 30 minutes until race time. The weather called for record high heat and humidity, so I decided to wear my hydration belt and was very glad I did!

With a few minutes to go I found my spot at the "10+ minute miles" and waited to start. Before I knew it, we were off! I got really emotional at the start of the race. It had been along road just to get there and it almost felt like a dream. My plan was to stay around 11:00-11:30 miles. It was VERY crowded and my first mile was likely even slower. I am not used to racing in such a big crowd!

The first few miles were FUN! Everyone around me was so excited and the energy was great. I noticed that as the miles ticked by people got quieter and quieter.

There was a water stop just about every mile and since it was so hot and humid, I drank at every water stop. By mile 5 I was feeling like I should use a porta-potty, but as I ran by one, it had a good 6 people on line. I didn't want to lose time, so I just kept running. The next one also had a line.

At mile 6 I ate my fruit flat even though I didn't feel hungry. I definitely felt better after eating it.

Now I am around mile 7 or 8 and know I have to use the bathroom soon. The guys are running behind stores and into bushes, but I could never do that. At this point, we are on a highway with lots of store and I spot it...a DUNKIN DONUTS!! As I am pondering running in, I see a guy running out. That decided it, I ran in for a quick pit stop, even washed my hands and then right back out on the course!

The rest is a blur. As the miles went out people really slowed down and more and more took walking breaks. I was able to run the whole race and was shocked with how many people I passed in the last few miles. On my long runs, I always picked up the pace a bit for the last mile or so and I was able to do that during the race and passed a TON of people during the last mile. I felt AWESOME at the finish!!

I finished in 2:27. My #1 was to just finish. My 2nd goal was to finish under 2:30, so I did it!!!

I am still a bit in shock that I actually achieved something I have dreamed about for so long!!!

Here are a few pics from the race:

The starting line! The race actually started on the other side of the ballon arch.

Me before the race

Me after the race....I DID IT!!!

I have felt a bit strange this week...a little lost regarding my running. For so long I have been so focused about running this half. It was a little strange to not have a plan for what next. So...I signed up for a 5K the first weekend in June! My plan for the summer is to work on speed and the local 5 and 10Ks.
I also apologize for not vising everyone's blogs as much as has been a crazy week! I intend to catch up in the next few days!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I did it!

I did it!!! I finished my first half marathon...such an amazing feeling. It was so worth all of the training and hard work to get here! Full race report to come...I am just too pooped right now!