Monday, March 29, 2010


The last week or so has been CRAZY here. MissyMiss is turning 7 and we had her family party this past weekend. We also had some friends over, along with family, making for a total of 9 kids. Wow, did those kids have fun!! We did an Easter egg hunt in the house which was a huge hit! Here I am with the birthday girl!

I just got this book from Amazon. Has anyone else read it?? I am in the middle of reading Yasso's book and then I will start this one.

I also just ordered these Recovery socks. Has anyone tried them? So far I have heard good things, so I figured I would give them a try.
Last weekend my long run was 9 miles and it felt GREAT! I ran faster than usual and just felt awesome. The good weather definitely helped! This weekend I did was rough because the wind was wicked, but I finished at just slightly slower than last weekend. But, just a few hours after the run my legs were stiff and a bit sore. Who knew just one more mile could make such a difference?? I went to the gym this morning and did 40 minutes on the bike and my legs felt much better after.
I have another training question. My half is May 2. I plan to do 11 miles on 4/10 and 12 miles on 4/17. That will be my last long run before the taper. My question is what to do this weekend. I will not be able to run Sat/Sun, but have a babysitter coming Thursday morning so I can get my long run for the week in. Should I do another 10? Use it as a fall-back week and only do 8?? Need advice!!! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Running on the Sun

I recently got this movie through Netflix and LOVED it!. I think you have to be a runner to fully appreciate it, because my husband was not very interested. It is about Badwater...a 135 mile race in extreme temperatures of up to 130-degrees with 60 hours to complete it. It was truly AMAZING to watch.

The profiled some of the participants before, during and after the race. It was a very interesting group. There was a 68 year old man running it, as well as 2 amputees.

I found it very inspiring to watch. It is also very real and shows everything....blistered feet, vomiting, crying in pain, etc. Not everyone finished and that was heartbreaking to watch. Some of my friends think I am crazy to want to run at all, much less train for a half marathon. But these people take it to a whole other level.

I don't want to give too much away for those who have not seen it. I checked Amazon and you can no longer buy it there. I was able to easily get it from Netflix.

Has anyone else watched it?? I would love to know what you thought of it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I won a giveaway from Beth over at Shut Up and Run. I won a pair of Yurbuds!!!
Basically, I took a picture of my ear with an apple earbud in it and e-mailed it to the company. They then sent me specifically sized yurbuds to place over the earbuds.

I was VERY skeptical. I have tried various brands of earbuds and have never liked them. They never stay in and are very uncomfortable in my ear. My husband teases me that something is anatomically wrong with my ears and doesn't understand that ear buds just don't fit in my ear.

I have been using good, old-fashioned headphones and feeling a bit dorky at the gym, being the only one. Well...I am no longer the dork with the old school headphones!

The yurbuds worked!! They actually stay in my ears and are actually comfortable. I really completely doubted the yurbuds given my past fails with ear buds. I am thrilled to be able to comfortably wear them.

So...if regular ear buds don't work for you, definitely check out the site! And...this is my honest opinion. I won these, didn't pay a dime and already have them in my hot little this review is truly what I think. If they sucked, I wouldn't be afraid to tell you so. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Strong vs. Stupid

On Sunday I had 8 miles planned. On Friday, I started getting cold symptoms, which turned into a sore throat, tight chest, runny nose and cough. I took off from running Friday and Saturday, but decided to still go running on Sunday. Sunday morning as I was trying to decide, I was debating if attempting to run was me being tough or me being stupid.

I ended up heading out for and completing the 8 miles without any real problems. The run actually seemed to help with my cold symptoms.

Does anyone else struggle with these types of decisions? To me, deciding to still run was me being mentally tough and not letting things get in the way of accomplishing my goals. To my non-runner family, attempting 8 miles while sick is just plain stupid.

Backing up a bit... I started running in middle school and got even more serious about it in high school. I had a great coach, a great team and a teenage body...I had it all going for me. Except...I was a sissy. Any time anything popped up that allowed me to get out of running for the day, I took it. I look back at my 16-year-old self and think "Why did you throw away such great opportunities??"

But...I can only work with what I have now. When I was 16, I had the body to be a runner, but not the heart. Now, I have the heart of a runner and the body of a 30-something mother of 2. However, I am determined not to be a sissy ever again. No regrets....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Need Training Help

I am trying to figure out my plan for the rest of my half marathon training. I had been far ahead in my plan, but then lost a bit when I hurt my back. I ran 7 miles last weekend and am back on track.

My question is when my last long run should be before the half. The half is on May 2nd. I am planning my last long run, of 11-12 miles, 2 weeks before the race. Is this is a good plan?? Also...what should my distance be for my weekend run the weekend before the race??

Many of you are way more experienced runners than myself and any input you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gym Top 10

So...I have been a gym member for about a month and am loving it and wishing I had joined sooner. I love the elliptical, the bikes, the pool, the childcare, the weights, the social aspect. But..there are quite a few things that I DON'T love about the gym. I don't know if it is just my gym in particular that has these problems, if I am being too picky, or if others deal with these same issues...would love to have you weigh in! it is...

Top 10 Things I Don't Love About the Gym
1. The SMELL!! The minute I open the door my nose is assaulted by the smell of people sweating. I understand the gym is not gonna smell like fresh-baked cookies, but the sweat smell has got to go!
2. NAKED LADIES! What is the deal with the older ladies in the locker room who walk around and sit in the hot tub completely naked! As I was leaving the locker room today I was visually assaulted by a large, and I mean large, naked butt!
3. SWEAT! I had no idea that some people sweat so much whilst working literally pours off them. I run on the treadmill in fear of their sweat flinging onto me.
4. Making out with the elliptical. What is up with the people who are all hunched over the machines. I would think they should perhaps set the resistance a bit lower and be able to stand up straight.
5. Dirty Looks. Most of the people are very friendly, but there are plenty of others who are just not. Why are you looking me over as I run? Do I have toilet paper stuck to me shoe??
6. Front Desk Girls....they are just so not friendly. It is as if I should be so grateful that they have allowed me to enter their gym.
7. There is a sign near the water fountain that says "No expectorating in the water fountain". EWWW!!!
8. The guys who insist on banging the weights down on their last scares the bejesus out of me every time. And I am not means you can't control the weight and shouldn't be lifting it.
9. I am out of ideas.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuel for Running

It has taken me a while to find both a good pre-run and mid-run snack for my long runs days. I tried the sport beans but was running in such cold weather that by the time I went to eat them they were basically frozen and I ended up at the dentist with tooth pain. I have also tried gels but just can't deal with the consistency. It seriously makes me gag. is what I eat before my long run. Peanut butter on whole wheat, mini Kit-kat and a Capri Sun. For me, it seems to be just the right amount of sugar and protein.

Midway through my run I eat one of these fruit flats. It is essentially fruit and fruit juice and each one is 70 calories. If I am out for a while, I will have another one. They fit nicely in the pocket of my jacket and don't seem to freeze on my cold runs.

I would love to know...what do y'all eat before and during your long runs?? If you are not a runner, what is your favorite healthy snack??