Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubby!

Bubby just celebrated his 3rd birthday! It is just amazing how times flies.

After Father's/Mother's Day, MissyMiss asked if the parents could make the kids breakfast in bed on their birthday. Sounded like a good idea to me! So...on Bubby's birthday Daddy and MissyMiss made him breakfast in bed....chocolate milk, Cheerios and a Rice Krispie treat. He was beyond thrilled. MissyMiss also put the 2 small presents she had chosen for him on his tray. After he ate and opened his gifts, he said "My birthday all done!" It was so cute...he thought that was it. We had a wonderful party for him that afternoon and he had a ball!
Here are my 2 kiddos with his breakfast in bed:

Not much new to report with running. I am doing well with my running/biking/walking workouts. I am also getting back to my weights, which is a good thing.

Back in January I set a goal for myself of running at least 500 miles this year. I am at the midway point right now and I am at 320...well ahead of schedule. So far, so good...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Projects

This blog started out being about all of my hobbies...but has quickly turned into a running blog since running is where I am spending my free time. :)

But...I have finished some small projects lately and thought I would share them.

Here are the cutest crayon rolls! Rachel over at P.S. I Quilt posted a tutorial for it and it sewed up quickly. I made one for each kiddo. They look like this when they are rolled up.

Once you unroll it, there is a spot for each crayon. My kids love these and they are perfect while waiting for food in a restaurant.

I intended this little bag to be for my sister, but since I made a few mistakes I gave it to MissyMiss instead. She never notices the mistakes and is currently using it for her jewelry.

I just finished this tote bag last night and am so happy with how it turn out. Amanda over at Crazy Mom quilts did the tutorial and the directions were a breeze to follow. I used a Moda Shangri-La charm pack.

I made this place mat and a matching one, for two tables in our playroom. The tables have gotten fairly abused, so I thought they would be cute to cover all of the scratches and dents.

I made this wall hanging for the entryway of my house. My plan is to make some seasonal wall hangings that are the same size so that I can switch them out according to the season/holiday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get some support!

I shall forewarn the men....this post may not interest you...or maybe it will. :)

I was out on Sunday for my long run. I had planned on doing 10.5 and had no problems completing it. The first 2 miles were fairly is what happened:

Just as I stepped out onto the path a woman ran by me. Immediately my eyes were drawn to her chest. I am not a perv....but the woman had no sports bra on! And, she was fairly well-endowed. Being a well-endowed chick myself, I know the struggles of finding a supportive sports bra. This woman was just wearing a regular bra and the amount of bounce going on was unbelievable. It looked liked her two buddies were having a fight! I also thought it looked fairly painful!

The woman turned around just behind me and headed out in the same direction as myself. She passed me, since I was walking for my warm-up. I soon started running myself and since we were running at the same pace, I ran about 25 ft behind her for the first 2 miles. It made me feel better to see that everyone who passed her going the other way also stared at her was just that bad. is what I wonder....does she not own a sports bra? Were all of her sports bras in the wash? Does she enjoy the attention? I have no idea. She ran at least 5 miles, so it is not like she was only out for a mile or so.

I would never run without a sports bra. When we first got Dance Revolution for the Wii I had to run upstairs and put one on before I proceeded to bounce around. I have even taken a dirty one out of the laundry if I had none clean...gross I know, but it would be just painful to run without one.

So...what do y'all think?? Am I just crazy about this? Will anyone out there make me feel better by also admitting to wearing a dirty sports bar as a last resort??

Monday, June 8, 2009

My homemade medal (and race report!)

I ran a local 5K race this past Saturday and it was a great race!

I got there about 30 minutes before the my packet, put on my number, visited the bathroom and warmed up a bit. It was a very small race...I would guess only about 100 runners. It was held at the rail trail path where I normally run, which is perfectly FLAT!

The race started and I was a bit slow at the start because it was a narrow path and it was a bit crowded. I was quickly able to pick up my speed. My previous PR was 28:04 and my goal was to just break 28. I had planned on a pace of 8:45-9:00.

I was able to keep a great steady pace for the whole race, due to the flat course. At my last race I was with one woman most of the race, but passed her in the end. I saw this same woman at the starting line today and she came over and said "Hey there! What is our goal for today?" I love how friendly most runners are. She started a little ahead of me and was ahead most of the race. I caught up to her at about the 2.5 mile mark. She asked me how we were doing, I told her our time and pace, wished her luck and passed her.

At about 2.9 miles I could see the finish and was able to pick up my pace a little and finish strong. My time was 26:52!!!! I am just thrilled with this! I waited for my racing friend to finish, gave her a high five and we discussed what races we were doing next.

I had to leave right away so that I could grab a cake and bouquet for my daughter's dance recital and be home for my hubby to go for a ride.

A few days before the race my hubby had bought MissyMiss a yellow "Live Strong" bracelet. It was way too big, so she gave it to me and we decided it would be my lucky bracelet for racing. Once I got to the car I called home to tell her how well I had done and she was sure it must have been the bracelet.

When I got home I was greeted by my kiddies at the door, who had made me "medals" out of pipe cleaners and construction paper...I will treasure them forever.