Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Projects

This blog started out being about all of my hobbies...but has quickly turned into a running blog since running is where I am spending my free time. :)

But...I have finished some small projects lately and thought I would share them.

Here are the cutest crayon rolls! Rachel over at P.S. I Quilt posted a tutorial for it and it sewed up quickly. I made one for each kiddo. They look like this when they are rolled up.

Once you unroll it, there is a spot for each crayon. My kids love these and they are perfect while waiting for food in a restaurant.

I intended this little bag to be for my sister, but since I made a few mistakes I gave it to MissyMiss instead. She never notices the mistakes and is currently using it for her jewelry.

I just finished this tote bag last night and am so happy with how it turn out. Amanda over at Crazy Mom quilts did the tutorial and the directions were a breeze to follow. I used a Moda Shangri-La charm pack.

I made this place mat and a matching one, for two tables in our playroom. The tables have gotten fairly abused, so I thought they would be cute to cover all of the scratches and dents.

I made this wall hanging for the entryway of my house. My plan is to make some seasonal wall hangings that are the same size so that I can switch them out according to the season/holiday.


rachel griffith said...

cute, cute, cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great Sarah! You are very talented. I am still enjoying my checkbook cover :-)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Your sewing machine has been humming lately - fun.

joyRuN said...

You're doing awesome work there, Sarah! Cute stuff :)

Mabry's gamma said...


Nice job on all your sewing projects.


Spotgirl said...

Love the tote bag!!!

Heather said...

Cute quilting projects. I miss quilting . . . I can never get motivated to do it in the summer.

Oh, and on your last post . . . I totally pull out the dirty sports bra if I have to. I only have a few that I find really supportive enough and I'd rather wear a dirty one than skip a run!

amandajean said...

what great small projects! i love your idea of a little quilt to cover a table top that has a few scratches in it. your tote bag is marvelous!

Nicole said...

Wow, you've been a busy woman. I love the little crayon case, that would be perfect for my kids at church! The tote bag is adorable, I love the fabrics that you used.

I Run for Fun said...

You are so creative! I love the crayon cases.

Amber said...

Great job on all your projects! Wow, it seems as though you've been really busy!

Rue said...

Hi Sarah :)

Very cute projects!

Congratulations on your great racing finish! Those awards your kids made you were so sweet :)


Pam said...

I have a spot in our house that is seasonal. I have a wall hanging that I made that hangs there normally, but when I have something for a season or holiday, like Christmas, that is where it goes. I love the tote bag. Someone on one of the stitching boards posted a picture of a bag that they did and it's something that I've always wanted to try to make. I'm so intimidated, I guess.

biz319 said...

I love the tote bag the most - good job!

My daughter loves making bags too - just need to get her sewing machine fixed and I keep forgetting to do it!

Have a great weekend!

Carly said...

Very cute stuff! You are very talented.

Cascia said...

Cool projects! You are really talented. I can't sew anything.

somebody said...