Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fav!

I know you all have been looking forward to this all week...time for this week's Friday Fav! This week's is.....

Drum roll please...........


I can't help it...I just love that stuff!!!! My usual drink is "Tall, non-fat, no whip, no foam hot chocolate". I am rather embarrassed to admit that I am in there nearly every day! They actually know me by name.....they know my drink...they even know my kid's names!!! I know....I know...I have issues. It is just so yummy!

One time my husband, who despises Starbucks, drove through the drive-thru with me. We pulled up to the spot where you order (they have a camera there)...and the girl said "Hey you want you usual?" My husband turned to me and said "They know you???" Then...we pulled up to the widow to get my drink and the girl said "Hi MissyMiss and Bubby!!!" Hubby then turned to me with a look of shock and said "How often are you here???"

So..there you have it. If you like hot cocoa and haven't had it at Starbucks yet, try it for goodness sake!!! You won't be sorry. :)