Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Family Day!

Last weekend we took the kiddos to the pumpkin farm. It is one of our yearly fall traditions. (I LOVE traditions!). There is much more than just pumpkins....there is a hay ride, farm animals to feed, a hay jump, corn maze, mini train and lots of yummy food!

My favorite part is feeding the goats. The goats walk around on elevated walkways. There are pulley systems set up to feed them. get some feed, put it in the can and pull the string to send it up to the goat. The kids (and adults) love it! Below is a pic of one of the goats waiting for MissyMiss to send up some food!

Here is Bubby in his stroller. He was looking at all the farm animals. He looks a bit perplexed I would say. Goats walking around above you is a lot for a 2-year-old to take in.

Here is MissyMiss standing on the pile of hay in the hay jump. She LOVED it! She likes to wear her overalls when we go to farms because "That is what the farmers wear!" See those corn stalks in the back?? I took her into the corn maze...Bubby and Daddy waited outside. Daddy said he doesn't like corn mazes....what a smart guy he is. MissyMiss and I were having lots of fun in the maze, for a while. Then we were really truly lost. The corn was really high and there was no way I could see over it. I actually started to panic...would I be stuck in there forever? I hadn't even had my Whoopie Pie yet! Just as I was about to yell "HELP!", I spotted the exit and Daddy was standing just past it with a big grin on his face. I must have looked quite terrified, because the first thing he said was "Now you know why I don't go in those things."

Finally, here is me and the kiddos on the hay of the best parts. There are pumpkin displays set up along the way. MissyMiss loved looking at them all. Bubby kept staring at the tractor and repeating "Bubby ride tractor!"

Before we could call it a day, we got our usual kettle corn, apple cider and whoopie pies...can't wait to go again next year!