Monday, April 27, 2009

My shorts stink!

I got back into running after my daughter was born and was overweight at the time. So, I have always worn either pants or capris to run in. I am finally within about 6 pounds of being out of the overweight category and thought that I would give shorts a try. My legs are finally looking decent enough that I am comfortable being in shorts.

So...I found a really cute pair of Adidas shorts at TJ Maxx and a cute matching tank top. I planned a 3 miler in the neighborhood this evening. I got dressed in my new cute outfit and headed out the door.

Almost as soon as I started running, the shorts started riding up in the front in the crotch area. I started pulling down at them with ever step that I was AWFUL! I headed back home, changed into workout capris and headed back out.

What's a girl to do? Should I just stick with the capris? They are a stretchy black material and fit well and are comfortable. But, in the 90 degree weather we have been having, it would have been nice to be wearing something cooler. I am considering a running skirt....anyone out there have one? Any problems with it when running??


robison52 said...

I've read the posts from "Negative Split.blogspot" and she swears by running skirts...maybe you should give the running skirt a try.

Marianne said...

heya Sarah - I have the same problem, can't wear normal running shorts cause they ride up. Then they'll cause a lot of chaffing! Use compression shorts alone or under regular shorts. The running skirts are great too! Plus more flattering! They cave compression shorts under them too. I know REI sells compression shorts and Maybe Dicks or Sports Authority does too, but don't know for sure.

ShutUpandRun said...

I say try some different shorts. Maybe those just didn't fit right. I'm sure you looked cute, though :)

Heather said...

You should definitely try a skirt. Athleta has some really cute ones, and I like their stuff a lot. I think they even have some on their sale site now . . .

Sherri said...

that's so annoying!! It's hard to find a good pair. Sometimes if you wear a spandex tight short they don't ride up. I don't know.

Mabry's gamma said...


Sorry, no idea, you know me, I don't RUN!


joyRuN said...

My fave shorts do that :(

I just tried my first running skirt today. I need to BodyGlide my chubrub though cuz I got major inner thigh chafeage!

Ah well. At least I look cute ;)

Carly said...

I had the same problem with running skirts riding up. I found found a pair of shorts that work well....they are duo layer, the first being a compression short with a boy short over them. No ride up and they are flattering. I think they are champion brand.

greentigress said...

Hi Sarah, i wear compression shorts and never had a problem with them riding up
congrats on the weight loss! i will be out of overweight in about 6 lbs!!!

Diana said...

Hey Sarah - I wear the compression shorts under 'regular' running shorts for the very same reason. Also, prevents thigh chafing. I just recently purchased Under Armor - I think they call them 'heat wear' compression shorts. They come in various inseam lengths (I got the 4 inch inseam) and I like them very much. They are a lighter weight fabric then the Moving Comfort brand that I've worn for the past year. Cost me $24. The shorts I bought were Under Armor as well..again 'heat wear' 'training' shorts, meaning no mesh pantie inside. Don't really need that with the compression shorts less layer. Cost of those was $24 as well.

WendyBird said...

I'm way behind on blog reading, but wanted to say I have the same problem and agree with the ladies that wear compression or bike shorts under regular shorts and running skirts. I ran with just my running skirt yesterday and my thighs are now a chaffed mess! You know what I weigh and my BMI from the forum competition and I definitely have a problem with this. My dream is to have thighs that don't touch, LOL

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