Thursday, April 15, 2010

HM Advice

I have less than 3 weeks to my first half marathon. I am starting to get nervous! I have 12 miles scheduled this weekend and then I will start my taper.

Anyone have any pieces of advice for a first timer???

Also..I have thought of wearing my hydration belt so I don't have to rely on the water stops. I also like to drink gatorade when it is hot. Do other people wear them for a half or would I look like a weirdo??

Here are some pics from my b-day. My kids decorated my cake and each picked me out presents. I slept in late (10 am!), had breakfast in bed, went out shopping on my own with some b-day $, out to dinner with hubby and kids and then cake and presents. It was an AWESOME day!


Theia said...

Hello. I stumbled on your blog and saw your question. You will see other people wearing fuel belts, carrying water bottles, etc. More importantly, though, do what makes YOU comfortable. Personally, I would not want to carry anything in a race, but that's me. If you're used to carrying a bottle or wearing a belt, do it.

If you choose not to, make sure you know what is being served on the course. If it's Gatorade, you're in luck b/c that's what you're used to drinking. If it's something else, though, try a few training runs with that drink -- Cytomax, Powerade, etc. -- to make sure your stomach can handle it. That way you'll know for sure if you need to carry your own supplies with you.

Hope this helped a bit! Good luck, or as my friends and I say, break a shoelace!

Heather said...

I've seen people wearing fuel belts during a half, so if it makes you feel more comfortable and confident, go for it! During a half, I like to break it up: Miles 1-5 (take it easy, stay calm), Miles 6-10 (focus, concentrate on staying strong), and the last 5k - give whatever you have left. Of course, depending on the day, that all falls apart and I go into pure survival mode. :) Got to roll with the punches!

running mom said...

Yeah, I saw lots of people wearing the belts during this last half I did.
Have fun and happy birthday! You look beautiful in your pictures!

Wilma NC said...

Good luck!! I'm not a runner so no advice from me. Love the pics, so nice to see you in your natural habitat.

MCM Mama said...

Lots of people wear hydration belts for half marathons. I've run some with and some without. I decide based on what they are offering at water stops and how hot it is. I've never regretted wearing it when I've decided to wear it.

My one piece of advice is that if you rely on a specific item for fueling (gu or whatever), make sure you take it with you. I volunteered at a race where they didn't have enough of the promised gu and there were some really unhappy runners.

Good luck!

Sherri said...

I've seen folks wearing them and lots more (beans, 2 or 3 packages attached to the belt) for a half. I think it's overkill but it depends on how much they have available and if you are already comfortable wearing it. That way you have what you want. it's your race. do it how you please and don't worry about it. Just enjoy it and feed off of the people cheering you on. that really helped me and don't let the mental game win. You be in control of what your body can do and don't let it tell you that you can't do it. You've already done 12 miles, 1 more isn't that big of a deal. You can do it!! good luck.

Heidi said...

Lots of people wear them. If you're used to wearing one, then do so. I like to know that I have what I need, when I need it. Also I've heard a few horror stories of races running out of water, or not having it when they said they would. I wouldn't want to encounter that.

I don't usually need one for 10K or less, unless it's quite hot. But for a half I think I'll always take it.

Lisbet said...

Ahhhh love the pics! SO CUTE! And regarding the 1/2...wear a belt if comfortable, but even I (who likes running with water) only rely on water stations while racing. There are usually plenty of stations, and you're not usually that thirsty. It's really more to keep you going.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sarah! I am so excited for you and I know you will do great in your first half!!! Just know that you trained for this and you are ready for it. Enjoy the time you are running and just think how strong you are!

Tanya said...

Wear the belt-you won't be the only person with one. And HAVE FUN! It's your first half marathon so just really enjoy the day. And watch your pace, especially at the begining of the race. You don't want to start off too fast and burn out before the finish line. You're going to have a great race!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

First Happy Birthday!

I am sure at this point you are second guessing a lot due to excitment and nerves it's important to have clear concrete goals in mind. I say goalS because you should allow yourself room to be successful no matter how your run goes that day. Somedays it's just your day and days (for no understandable reason) it's just not. Most importantly enjoy the experince.

That brings me to your question. You will see all kinds at your half. The best advice is to do what you have practiced and what will help you feel the most prepared. If you rely on the race "water" stops find out what they will be using and start using that one your remaining runs so you make sure it won't be a problem on race day. If you are practing your long runs with the belt and feel comfortable just use it. Don't worry about what other runners will think! Most runners understand that everyone finds their own "best" way to a successful race.

You have plenty of time to practice which ever way you choose to go. Run strong. Relax. Enjoy!

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WendyBird said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I've run 3 HM, first two without a belt, last one with. I was fine with the first one, it was cold. Regretted not having it at the second one, it was hot and I lost a lot of time with water stops. Carried it for the 3rd one because I was in a foreign country and didn't trust the water. I was very glad I had it!
Last year I worked the finish line for a small local HM and was looking specifically for who had them and who didn't. It seemed like no one had them before the 2 hour mark, then they started showing up and there were more and more as it got later. Bottom line, do what you feel comfortable with and err on the side of caution. Have a great race!

Michelle said...

I saw lots of folks running with them on my half. I think it is what works best for you. Trying to drink out of a cup while running was almost impossible for me, so that is why I am getting one now. At one point, I dumped an entire cup of Ade on myself trying to drink. Graceful, I know!

Good luck to you!!!

Winnston said...

first off, you look great in those pics!! - Wow!!

As for wearing the belt, everyone is right. Do what you feel best with. I ran this HM, and there are adequate water stops, so that is not a concern.

If you would wear ther belt out of a concern for not having enough water available when you need it, then it would be unnecessary. The stops are frequent and very well manned. But as I recall it was water only.

If you want the belt out of concern for losing time at the stops, then I think that is not necessary either. You are not going to lose any time, and walking for 20 seconds while drinking a few times during the race is no big deal in a first half marathon.

Just make sure the belt does not clash. ;-)

Winnston said...

As for other advice, I would just say: relax.

You have done the training. Get this 12 under your belt and you are ready.
Have a goal to just finish feeling good. Run the race at your training pace. Have a plan for your pace and follow it. Don't go out too fast, now!
Whatever your habits are regarding nutrition and hydration on your long runs should be followed in the race. Thats the old adage: dont do anything new on race day. Hope you broke in your new race outfit, too.

Don't overthink things between now and then. Half the newbies running with you have not prepared as well as you have, and you want it more than them anyway, right?

You are going to do great!!

Kristy said...

HI there! I stumbled upon your blog too not to long ago and I've loved reading it!

I just ran my first HM about 4 wks ago now and I ran with a belt. I too felt like I was going to look like a weirdo haha...but there were lots of people with them. I did stop at all water stops and also went through most of my belt too! So if your drinking lots...I'd take it!

So...Happy Birthday & Good Luck!!! Can't wait to read all about it :)

Christy said...

Hi! I randomly stumbled across your blog! I'm running my first Half in a little less than a month! Keep it up with your training! Can't wait to follow!

Anonymous said...
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EricaH said...

Hey I asked a similar question about hydration belts this week. I still have 2 1/2 months before my first half and I am getting really anxious so I am going to peruse your comments for suggestions also.

Great pics,very cute.