Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost there...

First, thank you to everyone for all of your support and comments...they make my day!!!

I did my last run today before my half on Sunday. I feel strong and ready...can't wait!

I have some AMAZING friends, who know me so well! My friend Beth, who I know from back in my high school days, is also a runner. We only get to talk running now, since we live on opposite sides of the country. I got this package from her and it made my day! It is a Runner Girl magnet and Swedish Fish, my favorites!! Beth has run several half marathons and has her first full marathon coming up in June...Go Beth!

Then, tonight my friend Michelle dropped off a gift bag for me and inside were some great magazines and all my favorite pre-long run foods: pb, kit-kat, capri sun and my mid-run snack, fruit flats. Michelle is so unbelievably sweet and thoughtful, and she knows me so well!

I picked up this shirt for myself the other day. I can't seem to help myself when it comes to the Nike shirts that say something cute. :)
I am prepping my iPod for the race. What is your favorite song to run or work-out to????


Running Diva Mom said...

Good luck to you girlie! Wow, what fantastic friends you have ... such thoughtful gifts they sent your way! Can't wait to read the race report!!

Sunflower Kisses said...

What thoughtful friends you have!
Rock your race!

Bride Part 2 said...

I live in San Diego is your friend running the Rock N Roll Marathon here in June?
By the way you have some great friends, what good encouragement.

Croughwell said...

good luck!

Michelle said...

Such thoughtful friends! Good luck to you on Sunday!

My fave songs during my half were:

Boyz by M.I.A.
American Girl by Tom Petty
Savior by Rise Against
Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

Good luck!

I Run for Fun said...

That so thoughtful of your friends. Have a wonderful race and can't wait to read the race report!

running mom said...

exciting! What nice friends! I really like Death Cab for Cutie for longer races.

Cheri said...

Good luck on Sunday. And you have some really awesome friends.

Heidi said...

There is PB-to-go????? Holy WOW, that blows me away. HAHAHHA

Good luck inyour race this weekend. I look forward to reading your race report.

Your friends are sweet!

MCM Mama said...

What awesome friends!!! Good luck this weekend!

Judi said...

How nice of your friends to think of you!

Good luck on Sunday!

Alanna said...

Good luck on race day! :)

I run to Pearl Jam a lot, but definitely second Michelle with her recommendation of The Verve. That song came on yesterday while I was doing hill training and totally inspired me (I beat husband pushing buggy up to the top!).

LauraElaine said...

Good luck this weekend! The sweedish fish would be all I need as inspiration to finish :)
Some of my favs on the ipod are Madonna (any old school stuff), anything Lady Gaga, Eminem's Loose Yourself, and Beyonce's Single Ladies. I recently added Dreams and Right Now by Van Halen and I'm loving them!

Dorothy said...

Good luck! Workout music? This version of Build Me up Buttercup is my new favourite treadmill track. I also like this one.

Anonymous said...

Yay Sarah! I am so glad you enjoyed the magnet and the Swedish Fish! I can't wait to hear all about the half marathon which will be happening in less than 5 hours from now.

To Bride Part 2... This is Sarah's friend (magnet and Swedish fish sender) and yes I am running the San Diego RNR marathon in June and I can't wait!! I live in Colorado though.