Monday, May 11, 2009

Make a Wish Race Report

I had my first 5K of the year this past Saturday and it was awesome! I was starting to forget that wonderful feeling I get when I race and am so happy that I signed up for the race.

It was a charity run to benefit the local make-a-wish chapter. I got to the race about 30 minutes before the start time, grabbed my bag/number, dropped the bag back off at my car and then headed to the line at the women's bathroom, which was way too long! The men's room (of course) had no wait at all! I finally made it to the stall and then headed over to the starting line.

It was a run/walk, so there was an interesting mix of people. As everyone headed to the start, I tried to get a spot in front of the walkers, but not too far in front. There were a few opening remarks before the race and one of the speakers was a mom whose son had leukemia and was granted a wish. Of course being the sensitive girl that I am, I got all choked up.

Finally the race started and I hit start on my Garmin and turned on my iPod with the volume low. My best time last year was 28:20 and I was just hoping to beat it. My goal was to stay around 9:00 miles. The first mile was just fine...I was cruising along and felt good. Then I hit the hills...yikes! I run hills at least once a week in my neighborhood, but I run them much slower. I was thrilled that I was able to stay around a 9:30 pace on the uphills.

By mile 2 I was really feeling it and starting to wonder "Why do I sign up for these things?" this point I was passing all of the people who had gone out way too fast, including most of a boys high school lacrosse team....suckers. :) This helped to keep me going.

As I hit the 2.8 mile mark I could start to see the crowd at the finish. I was right around a 9:00 pace. I felt like I had nothing left in me at all and just wanted to make it to that finish line. I turned a corner and heard the cheering and somehow I reached deeper and was able to pick up the pace. For the last bit, my Garmin read 8:20 pace.

I crossed the finish line at 28:04. I was thrilled to beat my best time, but of course feeling like if I only I could have ran a little faster and broken 28 minutes. :( (But...I did start a little ways back from the starting line and also stopped for a few seconds to check on a girl behind me who fell during the race. The small races here are not chipped, so I will just have to run faster to earn a sub-28 official time.)

But...there is always next time. My next 5K is next month and the course is completely flat...yee haw!

Thank you to everyone who left me such nice wishes for the race on my last post...I love reading all of the comments...they truly make my day.

I almost forgot to add...when I got on the scale the morning of the race I saw that I have reached my first weight loss goal...13 pounds lost...go me!


Rookie on the Run said...

Congrats on the PR and the weight loss goal! Passing most of the HS boys' lacrosse team... You rock!

Pam said...

Awesome job!! It's great when you beat your own best time.

Heather said...

Way to go on the PR and the weight loss! Awesome job.

Mabry's gamma said...

CONGRATULATIONS SARAH ON THE TIME AND WEIGHT LOSS!!!! I knew you could do it. AWESOME! If nothing else, you beat those lacrosse boys. LOL


lifestudent said...

I think Make-A-Wish is doing a race here too ... I just saw a blip about it at the mall today. I'm gonna check it out :)

I think I'm all good if I stick with 5Ks!

joyRuN said...

Congrats all around!

You are SO going under 28min :)

I Run for Fun said...

Congrats on your PR and a race well run!

Winnston said...

Wow- 28 minutes is FAST!

I guess you will break that barrier pretty soon, since you only need to shave a few seconds off.

Great job oon meeting your weight loss goal!!

Sherri said...

good job and a good time! Nice of you to stop and help the girl. I always get a kick out of the one's who start out too fast as well.

greentigress said...

Wonderful to reach your Weight Loss goal!!
And such a great race! Awesome time! I will be attempting to break 30 mins hmmmmmm maybe next year some time
Well Done!!!

Anonymous said...