Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

First of all, we had a day off from school on Monday. Below are some pics from what happens when there is a day off of school and it is WAY too cold to even consider playing outside. Please ignore the very crooked lamp shade and children all a mess. They had a lot of fun...

Before I show the "What is wrong with this picture?", I need to tell 2 stories.

First, the other day MissyMiss and I were in Kohl's. Out of nowhere, she turned to me and said "Am I white or black?" I told her she was white, aka Caucasian. She then asked if Bubby and Daddy were white too. I replied "Yes." And she finally asked, "So we are all just a bunch of whites?"

This reminded me of a Seinfeld episode. Has anyone seen this one? Elaine is dating a new boyfriend and each thinks that the other is bi-racial. When they discover that they are both "just white" they seem disappointed and then Elaine says " want to go to the Gap?"
I should have used this as a teachable moment, but it was a very crowded store, so instead I went with the "Isn't this shirt the cutest?" technique.

The other story... MissyMiss came home from school on Tuesday and told me that in class they were supposed to watch a parade, but instead watched "some man" talk. I asked her if she knew who "the man" was. She told me no, so I went on to explain who Barack Obama is.
Well....yesterday I was cleaning out her backpack and I found this picture....can anyone tell me what is not quite right here?? I think that maybe we need to get her into a more ethnically diverse school...pronto.