Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And so it begins...

I did my first official weigh-in yesterday for my weight loss goal....I have about 2 pounds more junk-in-the-trunk than I had thought. I will weigh-in each Monday and am hoping for a 1 pound loss per week.

In quilting news, I just finished a quilt for Bubby. It is a construction zone front panel with roadway fleece for the backing. I had bought the fabric quite a while ago, but got sidetracked with baby quilts and the holidays. I put the last stitch in today and gave it to him...
To say he was thrilled is an understatement. I would love that kind of reaction every time I give someone a quilt. First, he jumped up and down. Then he spread it out on the floor and ran and got his cars and lined them up on it. Then he ran circles around it cheering. It was the cutest thing I have seen. Here are some pics of him enjoying his new quilt:


Stan said...

You will make that goal. Just keep thinking positive! He really looks excited. I remember when I was a kid wanting a carpet I saw that was a city with streets so I could play with my cars on it. I never got it. But I did get a bike that year so I guess it all equaled out :)

Wilma NC said...

Nice quilt. Your son seems to be enjoying it! Keep up the running goals. I'm a hiker and just can't understand why you folks want to pass everything by so fast, lol.

Marianne said...

That is SO cool! What a wonderful thing to make for a child. It allows them to play & then they can cuddle up into it and take a nap! :O) I am impressed!

J. Leigh Designz said...

I find I only lose weight when I get on the scale every day. It makes me think throughout it. I did lose 20 pounds last year though...sadly that was from April-August. I have only gained 1.5 of it back. I need to get another 20 down. I still have 15 before my pre-Gavin weight LOL!

Pam said...

The quilt looks great! I can tell that Bubby was really happy with it. Goo luck with your weight loss goal. I just went back to the gym yesterday. Boy, to my legs hurt today, but it's a good hurt!

BeachRunner said...

Great pics. You will make your goal, I have no doubt. Just stay focused, be patient, and don't worry about 2 lbs.

Linda said...

What fun! I had a rug with the roadway design for the kiddo's in my preschool but this is perfect at home. I have to remember they make fleece in that pattern if my grand baby is a boy!

Mabry's gamma said...


Don't give up, you will make your weight goal because you are DETERMINED and we are all rooting for you

LOVE the quilt how cute. Isn't it just awesome when you get those kind of reactions, makes the whole project so worth while.


Sherri said...

very cute quilt! Looks like he already is getting great use out of it!
good luck on the weight loss goal.

Sandy Toes said...

OH my...he is just too too cute!
-sandy toe

Amber said...

That is the cutest quilt, Sarah. What a great idea - a multipurpose quilt! :)

Jennifer said...

That is a beautiful quilt!! My youngest son would love it too!!

Anonymous said...