Thursday, December 18, 2008

O Christmas Tree... (and Friday fav)

Here are some pics of my tree and its ornaments.

Before you go further, I should mention that my tree is very "sincere". In "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", Linus talks about needing to find a sincere pumpkin patch. Well, this is a very sincere Christmas Tree. None of the ornaments match, my 2-year-old has clumped many together, there is no ribbon or garland for fear of what Bubby might do with it, and there are many homemade ornaments, but it is full of love and memories.

This Snoopy ornament was given to me by a very dear friend. It is really small, which makes it even cuter.

I had a holiday party years ago when I still worked and a co-worker gave me this Santa. I LOVE the style of it.

I try to get ornaments when we go on vacation.

I decided that I love Old World style shiny and breakable. I have decided to treat myself to a new one every year. This is the one I bought this year...on sale at Michaels for less than $3. :) I wrote the year on the back.

This one was given to me by good friends last year...we were neighbors at the time. I just love this style ornament!

I got this one the year hubby and I got married....isn't it cute?

When MissyMiss was 2, my husband took her shopping for gifts for me. They chose this Lenox Snoopy and it is one of my absolute favorites. Now the two of them choose a day every year to go Christmas shopping together. I don't know what she chose me, but I do know they went to the quilt shop...yeah!

We all went to a craft fair a few weeks ago...MissyMiss surprised me by buying this ornament for me....I put it at the very top of the tree, so Bubby can't reach it. He has been removing all of the ornaments down low and then carrying them around, arranging them on the floor, loading them in his dump truck, etc. Ya gotta love 2 year old boys!

I bought this Mickey and Minnie one on my honeymoon...we went to was my first time there!

This little bear is from my childhood. There are five little animals and they always bring me back to my childhood days. My mom used to line them up on a shelf.

Here is the all its glory. As you can is very sincere. There is a large empty spot toward the bottom. Note to self: go look in Bubby's dump truck...

Here is MissyMiss. She and I decorated the tree while Bubby was napping...or at least in his bed. She did a great job helping and wanted to know the history of each ornament.

I get each of my kids a new one each year to reflect what they are into that year. This year MissyMiss got a cheerleader and Bubby got a handyman. I told them that when they move out, they will each have a nice set of ornaments to get them started.

This is a bit early....but I am doing a guest Friday fav!!

My friend, who I shall refer to as D-man, is a faithful reader of my blog. While he does not have a blog of his own, he likes to tell me each week what his Friday Fav would be. D-man has chosen.........

Peppermint Ice Cream!

Has anyone else tried it? I have just added it to my grovery list and shall report on what I think.


Pam said...

The tree looks great! My tree is like yours. Nothing matches. I've got ornaments from all over it looks very homey. The ones that all match look pretty, but I don't think they're very practical.

greentigress said...

love your tree!

I picked up a tree with my fiance and bought it back to my mum's this year, we went to a christmas tree farm to pick it so it was really special...

My mum and me put it up and decorated it... It's very modern looking in silver and white...

Have a great Christmas!!

Laura said...

Your tree looks really great! I love the glass ornaments too, totally want to get some more!

Laura :)

grandma1 said...

Putting your own personal touches on the tree makes everything feel real, not commercial. Eclectic is in and looks great. Keep building those Christmas memories for your kids, they will certainly appreciate them when they are older and have families of their own. Have a great holiday!!

Mabry's gamma said...


Thanks for stopping by. Your tree is cute and it is so nice to get help from a little Miss elf.

God Bless you for making ALL those yummy looking cookies, I made 4 different kinds and that will be it for us. You made one of my absolute favorites, spritz and as much as I like to bake and as much as I have tried, those are the one cookie that never comes out quite right for me.

Enjoy your holidays, stay warm there in NY and


AJ said...

I love the idea of the kids getting a new ornament every year. We've been doing this since my oldest was a newborn. They each have their own tree in their bedrooms decorated with the ornaments chosen throughout the years. Like you said, when they are grown they'll have a whole tree's worth of ornaments:)

amandajean said...

I love that first snoopy ornament. it is sooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...