Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Sweet Vacation

You all guessed right...we went to Hershey Park! We were there in 2005 and 2007, so we figured it was time to head back. We went for 3 days and had such fun! It seems that the older the kids get, the more we are able to do.

We all LOVED Chocolate World....the factory tour ride is FREE and you get FREE chocolate at the end...what's not to love?? Here are the kids pretending they are factory workers:

Of course, while we were there...I had to stop at the Hershey outlets!!

We stayed at the Hershey Lodge...which is wonderful. They have character visits in the lobby and my kids were thrilled to see the peanut butter cup. The Lodge is a bit pricey...but we only stayed 2 nights and it is our only vacation this year...so that is how I justified it. :)

Our first night there we ordered room service! What fun! We got mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, cheesecake and a big chocolate chip cookie. The tray arrived with cloth napkins and a little vase with a flower...Bubby took one look at it and said "That is gorgeous."...very true.

O.k...there is a story for this ride. My wonderful hubby knows I don't like heights. We were standing next to this ride while the kids rode a kiddie ride and hubby bet me some money that I wouldn't ride it. Normally I would have turned him down....but I knew that there was a Coach outlet right next door and then money would let me get a purse...guilt free. So...I got on the ride, put my head back and closed my eyes. I mentally went to my "happy place"...the Coach outlet. Hubby, kids and my mom were shocked I did it...but one should never doubt what a girl might do when near a Coach outlet!

Both kids LOVED the Frog Hopper. Bubby laughed the whole time, which made MissyMiss laugh the whole time...they rode it 3 times. I got on it once with them...I did not laugh. I was happy to have an empty stomach.

Every time we go I take a pic of the kids by the height chart used to classify what rides they can and cannot ride. This year Bubby was a Hershey Kiss and MissyMiss was a peanut butter cup. It is fun to look at previous years height pics. MissyMiss went for the first time when she was 2 and only a wee-little Hershey miniature.

Well...there you have our family vacation. I am happy to report I actually lost a few ounces on vacation. I replaced meals with chocolate..not very healthy, but very delicious!


Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun. How could you go wrong with all that chocolate, that's like a pregnant (me) woman's dream come true!!!

Heather said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! Such cute pictures. :)

Pam said...

I have been telling MJ for the last few years that I want to take the kids there and somehow we never seem to make it. It looks like everyone had alot of fun. And the chocolate! Mmmmmm!! Seriously, what more could you ask for?
BTW, did you ever get to the Coach outlet?

joyRuN said...

Awesome pics! What a great time!

My hub & I have gone to Hershey's Park w/o the kids - I'd love to go back with them soon.

LOVE those outlets! I always get in trouble in that Ralph Lauren outlet.

Wilma NC said...

Looks like a really fun vacation. I have never been there.

Amber said...

Looks like so much fun! I've heard that the Hershey Lodge is supposed to be REALLY nice. We haven't made it to Hershey yet, but I'm sure we will one of these years when we're out east.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Yeah for vacations - looks like fun!!

Cheri said...


Hershey is so much fun and your kids are so darn cute. Who wouldn't love a place that is chocolate...yummy.

I am so proud of you for riding that ride; like you, I HATE high places now you have to show us the prize... your Coach purse. My girls LOVE Coach purses too.

WendyBird said...

RE: my blog. Yes, we are going to see her in 3 weeks. That is the only reason I wasn't bawling, LOL

lifestudent said...

I'm pretty sure I should MOVE there. I love all things Hershey. Perhaps, if I have a 2nd child, I should pay tribute by naming him/her Hershey? Hmm. Maybe a middle name would be better :)

I Run for Fun said...

What a great vacation! LOL...the story of your ride is hilarious! True...nothing stands between a woman and her coach purse!

Tanya said...

(My best Homer Simpson imitation) MMMM....Coach.....
Looks like you all had a seriously good time! And I, too, want to know if you got the Coach purse!

Anonymous said...